How Tramptrucks Can Help Skateboarders.

Tramptruck technology works by fastening the Tramptrucks to an existing skateboard with the hardware included. After connecting the two, you then jump on the board atop a trampoline and attempt the tricks associated with skateboarding. The Tramptrucks work as a counterbalance as well as a fulcrum to facilitate the sense of actual skating on a traditional board setup, whether trying tricks on an obstacle or simply on the trampoline mat. Tramptrucks support an environment for training towards skateboarding off a trampoline. They

reproduce the sensation of riding with an added sense of safety due to the spring and contouring support of a trampoline mat in comparison to unforgiving concrete. That reduced impact, one of a spring loaded trampoline, also makes for a perfect rehabilitation center for a skateboarder recovering from an injury. The weight of a body may be at times too great causing pain and straining an injury, but with Tramptrucks, a skater hungry to get back to it can recuperate and still keep his skills honed. Apart from its direct connections to skateboarding, Tramptrucks develop the sport of trampboarding in unifying its athletes by generating purposed counterweights and functional designs enabling trampboarders to push the sport to new heights. By providing experienced trampers and those new to the sport with a singular module, it promotes community growth of the sport. Whether as sport or hobby, Tramptrucks present a tool and a catalyst for people to enjoy trampboarding more fully as it

transforms operation of a skateboard deck and changes the entire dynamic

making it easier to ride and perform stunts on.

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