Creator of Tramptrucks Jason Harvey.

About The Trampskate Company

Our Mission Statement

TRAMPSKATE company is dedicated to providing core trampoline

skateboarding products that combine quality performance and 

innovative design with value pricing. Our goal is to establish a successful

partnership with our customers, our employees, and our suppliers that

respect the interest and goals of each party. Constantly striving to

supply what the customer is asking for, we will continually review what

is available in the marketplace, and what isn't, improving on what is

available. By providing new products and service to the areas of need we

can ensure our success in a market driven by demanding consumers.

TRAMPSKATE company will establish a service network for 

trampboarders and skateboarders by providing products that will aid to

the development of trampboarding and skateboarding.


-To encourage safety.

-Expand interest and talent in trampboarding and skateboarding.

-Form a network of trampboarding and skateboarding enthusiasts with

a product for practice and lifestyle.

About the creator and Team

The lead creator for this cutting edge technology is Jason Harvey.

As well as having 34 years of experience on a skateboard, Jason has

spent 20 years refining and evolving the sport and recreation of trampboarding. Jason was at ground level when skateboarding as it is today was birthed. Skating alongside top pros such as Joey Brezinski, Richard Mulder, James Craig and a few others. Jason Harvey absorbed knowledge that he applied in the creation of Tramptrucks. Amidst injuries sustained from skateboarding accidents, Jason spent countless hours cultivating and modifying trampolines and the boards used on them. With a new found zeal for amplifying the responsiveness of

trampboards, Jason invented tramptrucks with the assistance of avid

skateboarders and amateur trampboarders Daniel Newton, Elijah Wagner and Alex Alon. 

Daniel, Elijah and Alex’s primary effort in fabricating tramptrucks was to

continually test the prototypes against the knowledge of skateboarding

they accumulated over the past decade. 


New products are coming soon!