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How to install Tramptrucks 

Using Tramptrucks on the flatground. 

Trampoline Skateboarding

How to Build a skate ledge for a trampoline. 

Using Tramptrucks on flat ground.

Skateboarding indoors with Tramptrucks.

How does it works?

 Sometimes you just can’t get out  to go skate. Maybe you have no place to skate or the weather is bad. Tramptrucks are the best product for  practicing  Skateboarding tricks in small spaces  without rolling or fear of slipping out.  Tramptrucks allow  you to practice tricks on small obstacles without sliding so  you can learn how to lock in and pop out of the trick  before taking it to the skate park or streets  on a real skateboard.   Practicing this way is perfect for people just starting  to skateboard. 

What type of ground is recommended?

Any hard surface will work.  You can even do it on grass or dirt. For the BEST results.  I recommend laying down at least a 4' x 4' x 3/4'' sheet of plywood and then applying  Masonite or vinyl flooring  material. 

What are the benefits of practicing without rolling?

Practicing skateboard tricks on the flat ground with Tramptrucks is great because you don't have to worry about about slipping out so it's a great way to learn how to practice tricks or even learn to ollie. Even in your bedroom.  Even if there is carpet.  Just lay down a hard surface and you’re readY. 

Do I need Risers?

Riser allow you pop higher.  You will want these as you get better. The higher the riser the higher pop so the higher the obstacle you can practice on. 

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